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Presenting Homes in Sacramento, PLacer, El Dorado and Yolo Counties

What is provides Real Estate Advertisers a place to organize and display Real Estate Listings and Financing on the Internet using the latest database technology and high speed T-3 connectivity. Advertisers can quickly and easily build a searchable online gallery of homes with a unique Real Estate Buyer's Guide web address and personal management page.

Who uses

Real Estate Advertisers that want to organize their listings in an easy to use searchable database with instant upload, display, modify and delete capabilities.

What makes Real Estate Buyer's Guide unique?

From a buyers perspective Real Estate Buyer's Guide has a fast keyword based search capability. It has unique homes not available in other publications. A click on the thumbnail displays a larger image surrounded by information, not unlike most other online galleries.

However, on the advertiser's side there are a number of important differences that are apparent the moment you begin sign-up. First, Real Estate Buyer's Guide allows agents immediate control of their gallery. Setting up an account with Real Estate Buyer's Guide is a snap, no software to download and no support calls are necessary, enter your contact information and you begin building your online gallery presence! Second, click on "upload photos", then "browse", select the image you want to upload, attach keywords and "submit". Real Estate Buyer's Guide automatically takes your jpeg and creates 2 fast loading thumbnail images, one 300 x 300 pixel display image and enters your image into the database. Your listing is now live on the Internet. At any time you can click on "log on", and enter your password to edit information, submit more listings or just review your inventory. Real Estate Buyer's Guide uses the latest ArrowClick 7.0 server software.

Another important feature unique to Real Estate Buyer's Guide online publication is an exclusive assigned web address. Enter the database from this address and functions like your own personal database. This allows clients to search and view listings from only your gallery.

What happens to my Personal Information?

Personally identifiable information, like e-mail addresses are used only for the purpose of administering and executing existing information for advertiser records and applications. Information will not be added to a marketing list, and we do not sell or provide the information to third parties.

How about software updates and browser compatibility?

We are continually improving and adding new functionality and features to the rebuyersguide website and improving and adding to its existing products, services and programs. We invite our advertisers to keep us informed about possible additions or changes that might make the site more productive. This includes taking advantage of linking and marketing opportunities so the site continues to grow and that others benefit from the service.

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